Basic facts about the Company

• Main Activity: Trading and processing of high value added fish and seafood.
• Actual Sales: Euro 20M. Actual EBITDA 1.2M.
• Wide range of products: Octopus, cuttlefish, squid, prawn, lobster, cod, sole, hake, monkfish, etc.
• THE COMPANY has its own raw material supply channels in place. Actually purchasing from fisheries in the Northern and Eastern Atlantic, and Mediterranean.
• THE COMPANY has distribution channels in place supplying to Major European Supermarket Chains in Spain.
• THE COMPANY operates a processing plant with boiling, cooking, freezing, packaging and logistic facilities.
• Product is delivered fresh, refrigerated, frozen, boiled or pre-cooked, depending on the need of each client.
• THE COMPANY holds a very big potential to grow in different lines:
• Highly grow exports particularly to Middle East.
• Introduction of new products.
• Expand purchasing capacity to other areas like: Western and South Atlantic and Pacific.
• Open new specialized sale channels like HORECA and food service

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